Let’s face it - working effectively with people

is not that easy!

Work is not the most crucial thing in life, but still pretty important I’d say! I believe that having a fulfilling career can support us in making our dreams a reality, which is why I’ve been working to build one for myself as well as helping others do that too.

When you work in corporate, you’re expected to be high-performing, adaptable, confident in leading both younger and older colleagues, and also to be able to work effectively internationally. You may need to work remotely with colleagues from various offices around the world, support various global projects, or who knows - maybe even move abroad for work too.

That can be a lot of pressure. Good news is - it’s manageable!

If you’re energised by the idea of growing your international experience and building a truly global career - you’re in the right place.

Project Abroad is designed to help you overcome various challenges you may face in your international corporate career, support you in reaching and nailing the next steps in your professional development, guide you through an international relocation, or even figuring out your aspirations and goals in the first place.


Knowledge and resources that will help you navigate the corporate environment effectively, understand how various cultures work, what you should pay attention to while working with people from around the world, and what you can do to make these international work relationships work to your advantage.

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Information and reflections on cultural adaptation, various emotions accompanying us at work, challenges you might encounter when working with people globally, exercises to help you develop resilience and self-awareness.

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Perspectives on living abroad, job-hunting and working abroad, managing long-distance relationships with friends and family, tips on managing the whole moving and living abroad 'thing'!

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Power distance – what does it mean to be a good boss?

Can you talk directly to your manager’s boss? Can you make decisions autonomously? Is the boss always right (even if they’re not)? Can you challenge your manager’s ideas during a discussion? Can you express your opinions in a meeting freely? Those and many other responses may differ depending on which cultural background you are coming […]


10 myths that impede your cross-cultural effectiveness

Another year, more experiences, new learnings… and yet, some cultural myths are still prevalent in our thinking,  and stop us from making the best out of our international teams, work and life. It’s time to bust them once and for all! Here are ten most common myths I hear from people about working across cultures. […]


The value of silence in international work

You want to be effective in your work, I’m sure. You probably also want to make people feel like they can come speak with you and like they have the support they need in their roles. But even us, the People people, sometimes follow our natural communicating styles, which are culturally influenced, without adapting. They […]



The meaning behind our emotions

When working with people from different cultural backgrounds, do you also sometimes feel a strong emotion, but find it difficult to pin down why it is even actually there and what it means?   If it’s anger you could feel your heart racing, your body finding it hard to just stay still – maybe you’re […]


Introvert expat challenges (and tips for leaders on how to address those)

Introversion is not a disease. But those who are introverted know that being that way can pose some challenges in today’s world. There is a tendency to reward primarily extrovert behaviours, such as the ability to quickly build rapport with multiple colleagues during a networking event, express your emotions openly or socialise in a work […]


Culture shock is more than you think

Culture shock is more than just differences between where you’re from and where you arrived. It has its origins in our childhood environment, in the social groups we’ve been surrounded by and a part of, in our everyday life that we have been leading until the moment of moving abroad.



Are you experiencing an identity crisis?

In this article, you will learn: What is identity and how it’s formed How moving abroad can trigger an identity crisis What you can do to make the identity shift a more seamless experience Identity, even by definition, is the set of qualities and characteristics that describe a person and distinguish them from others. “Who […]


Culture shock – how to recognise it and what to do about it

I work with many people who choose to go abroad, usually for better career prospects, for the sense of adventure, for self-development, to make use of the opportunity… Some of them may already have an idea that culture shock is a ‘thing’ during an international transition. This usually also comes with some preconceptions of how […]


4 things everyone tells you about moving abroad that you choose to ignore

People. Funny creatures… So many systems in our bodies working together to keep us going. So many interpersonal networks to help us grow and experience the world. So much time spent on watching motivational speeches, inventing things to make our lives easier. Yet even though we hear all of the below from many other people […]


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