Hi, I'm Marta!

I'm a psychologist and coach, helping you get more confident and comfortable in the new culture.

Do you...

Have a great professional experience,but (maybe secretly) struggling with cultural differences at work, feeling confused with some ways of working and communicating?

Receive mixed feedback about your working style and are worried about its impact on your career?

Feel an enormous pressure to make this move a success (you wanted it yourself after all!) so you feel like you can’t really share your struggle with anyone openly?

but instead, you'd much rather...

Feel confident at work and attract exciting opportunities to advance your career?

Find a common language with your new colleagues and teams despite of the cultural differences?

Get over your limiting beliefs and make the best out of your life abroad?

…then let's talk!

Schedule a 30-minute conversation with me,

Schedule a 30-minute conversation with me, during which:

  • We will take a closer look at your current situation, challenges and desires,
  • Get to know each other to see if we want to work together
  • We will discuss how I can help you overcome your challenges and achieve your goals

For this to work, I need you to be ready to…

  • Embark on a self-development journey
  • Build habits that support your goals and aspirations
  • Challenge your inner self-talk

Not sure if you're ready yet? Want to work on your own beforehand?

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What people say about working with me?

"I would definitely recommend coaching, specifically with Marta. If you feel like you're up against a wall trying to figure out certain areas of your life on your own, this is a tool to help you navigate and re-center. Marta listens, challenges you, and holds you accountable."
Elisa, American expat in Germany
"I would 100% recommend working with Marta if you need help with achieving a specific goal or just want to gain more clarity or self-awareness. She is such a powerful coach and always has great tools and exercises to help you with any area of your life. She's helped me to become more confident, believe in myself and gain more self-awareness. Thanks to Marta, I've become more self-aware and learned to set effective career goals for myself which I'm currently working on. She's so supportive and truly cares about your success and wants to see you reach your full potential, which is awesome. After our sessions I always felt so inspired and full of energy, and I can guarantee that I wouldn't have done all the work that I did if it wasn't for Marta. She motivated and skilfully supported me throughout my coaching journey. Truly transformative experience! "
Anni, Finnish expat in England
"Marta has an incredible understanding of the challenges, the opportunities and the patience required when relocating. She doesn't shy away from the difficulties, listens carefully and responds assertively. Her ability to be compassionate, yet logical and pragmatic are the perfect mix for someone like me who thinks big, but doesn't always follow through. Her kindness, support, reflective manner and regular check ins kept me accountable and present in my journey."
Kate, expat in Portugal
"I would one-hundred percent recommend working with Marta. She's incredibly kind and personable, while also not being afraid to challenge where appropriate. I also love that she checked in with me between sessions to keep me accountable, or simply offered words of encouragement or support. I got a sense Marta liked to go the extra mile for her clients. She also offered me some useful recommendations of resources, which she felt would be relevant and helpful to me (they were!) I loved working with Marta and would certainly consider working with her again in future."
Gail, Marketing Manager in the UK
"I appreciated the encouragement and checkins to keep me accountable. I've had a hard time appreciating the process since there's so much unknown and everyone's journey is not the same. But you always reassured me that the process is not linear and that whatever my path is, is the right one. There were also some good useful tools / exercises I can continue to use in the future. I'll also always remember the line "clarity through action" because I tend to procrastinate or want to stay in the research phase vs. doing something!"
Zenia, San Diego transplant

Learn more
on a 30-minute call with me!

How I work

I want you to really achieve the goals you have set for yourself abroad. And feel confident in the process!
People I coach often come to me with a whole lot of thoughts, doubts, challenges and feelings. Confused about what is causing them to feel like this, or what to do next. Step by step we untangle these, make sense of the experience and create a tangible plan to move their lives forward.
In fact, Cultural Values assessment is usually the first thing we discuss together.This knowledge helps you understand where some of the frustrations may be coming from. It helps you gain more self-awareness and identify the similarities you can build on when working internationally. It's a great starting point to a conversation about adaptation to a new place as well as increasing the feeling of confidence and belonging to the new location. But it's just the beginning of a beautiful growth journey!
Self-awareness for me is the first step to any transition, be it moving to another country, starting a new job or moving to the next phase of life. If you're not aware of what the underlying issue is, you can't really do much about it. But when you shine some light on it, everything seems more achievable.

I work with my signature ABROAD Method

where we focus on all the aspects relevant to creating your own success and confidence abroad, not necessarily in order! During our initial meetings we establish which of the below are the most crucial for you to reach your goals.

Awareness of self (cultural profile assessment, uncovering values, coaching)

Breaking mental blocks (working through limiting beliefs, dealing with fears and doubts and negative emotions)

Roadmap to success (setting the direction and plan forward to meet the one we had in our heads when we moved abroad)

Options and opportunities (exploring options and ways to get there)

Action taking (accountability & partnership from me to help you take actions on your goals and try new strategies)

Determination to keep moving forward (keeping that motivation going and working through new blocks and goals as they appear)

Not sure if you're ready for a long coaching programme commitment? Go to Offer for other ways in which I can support you.